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              About us
              Speech By General Manager
              Structure of CNIC
              Management Team
              Company History
              Contact us

              No.198 Mayuan Road.Ningbo.China.


              Tel: +86 574 87120888

                     +86 574 87149776

                     +86 574 87121298

              Fax: +86 574 87113805


              Company Profile => Management Team

              Chairman -Mr. Chen Zhiyong

              Head and take general care of company’s operation and management.

              General Manager- Mr. Xu Jing

              Take charge of daily business operations.

              Vice General Manager-Ms. Zhang Yimin

              Supervise Party Committee affairs, government affairs, Communist Youth League affairs and administration Dept. affairs. Assistant of general manager to supervise project finance.

              Vice General Manager-Mr. Ye Huamin

              Supervise staff share-holding union and import business affairs,Oversight of the company's export business affairs.

              Vice General Manager- Mr. Yang Jianxun

              Supervise company’s export business affairs.

              Assistant of Vice General Manager-Mr. Xu Hao

              Supervise labor union affairs and assist in the management of the company export business affairs.

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