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              Human Resources
              Human Resources
              Compensation & Benefit
              Contact us

              No.198 Mayuan Road.Ningbo.China.


              Tel: +86 574 87120888

                     +86 574 87149776

                     +86 574 87121298

              Fax: +86 574 87113805


              Human Resources => Compensation & Benefit

              Social Insurance

              With a sound security system, employees enjoy various statutory social insurances including: endowment insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance, housing accumulation fund. Besides, we established hospitalization supplementary medical insurance for the staff to take a weight off them and enhance cohesion between enterprise and employees.

              Working hours:

              Five-day work week, enjoy national statutory holidays.



              ° Comfortable office environment;

              ° A variety of paid leave: annual leave, weddings or funerals leave, maternity leave, home leave, paid sick leave.

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