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              About us
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              No.198 Mayuan Road.Ningbo.China.


              Tel: +86 574 87120888

                     +86 574 87149776

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              Fax: +86 574 87113805


              Company Profile => Company History

              In Apr, 1988 CNIC founded, mainly worked on international labor service cooperation, including Taiwan fishing vessels labor, abroad project building, real estate development, abroad investment, etc.

              In Jun, 1990 Durman Hospital building project started in Sudan; joint-founded Shanghai Fulong Real Estate Co.,Ltd with Hongkong Zhengxin Company to develop Shanghai Gardening Project.

              In 1991 Joint-founded Ningbo Beauty Housing Real Estate Co.,Ltd. With Hongkong Tian’an Group to develop Sun Apartment and West Temple Plaza.

              In 1992 Gained import and export business permission; Won the Devoting Cup of Developing an Exported-oriented Economy awarded by Ningbo Municipal People’s Government.(won the Cup again in 1993 and 1994).

              In 1993 ranked No. 28 of International Economic & Technology Cooperation in Chinese biggest service corporation ranking.

              In 1994 gained AAA level of Bank Credit(AAA every year after); Got abroad labor training license from NingBo Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau; Established the training center; Ranked No. 55 in Chinese biggest service corporation ranking; Set up staff share-holding union; Company transformed to Limited with the new ending of the company name to “ Group”; Joint-founded Ningbo Free Trade Zone Changyan International Trade Co.,Ltd.

              In 1995 Company building built and put into use(with 12 floors, cover area up to 7000 square meters); Elected as the council member of China International Contractors Association; Abroad labor more than 2000 people at the end of the year, ranked No. 21 in China; Trading and economic cooperation turnover ranked No.50 in China; Awarded “honored credit and promise” Company(awarded every year after); Won the first prize of Ningbo Abroad Contracting; Carried out economic responsibility evaluation system; Joint-founded Sino-Japan Joint Venture Ningbo Guohe Kyokuto Precision Diecasting Co.,Ltd.

              In 1996 Awarded Advance Corporation for International Contract and labor service in Zhejiang; Ranked No.340 of China Biggest import and export turnover TOP 500.

              In 1997 Qualified to train chef to Germany from NingBo Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau.

              In 1998 Ranked No.21 for profit among National Economic Cooperation Corporation; Circulated a notice of commendation from NingBo Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau; Won the first prize of Ningbo International Contracting; Elected Advance Corporation in Zhejiang.

              In 1999 Elected National Quality and Profit Advanced Corporation.

              In 2000 Approved by DNV ISO Norway; Elected National Quality and Profit Advanced Corporation; Carried out big reform to optimize department.

              In 2001 Employment management A class(A class every year after); Member of Chinese biggest top 500 import and export company; Improved administration with computer and network.

              In 2002 Second time transformation with no state-owned shares.

              In 2003 Elected Advanced Corporation from NingBo Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau,

              In 2004 Won B level qualification for foreign-aid supply project.

              In 2005 Import and export turnover exceeded 200 million; Awarded Standard Import and Export Corporation by Ningbo customs.

              In 2006 Awarded “ TOP 100 Tax Payer” by Ningbo Beilun Government and the Development Zone Managing Committee.

              In 2007 Awarded “ TOP 100 Tax Payer” by Ningbo Beilun Government and the Development Zone Managing Committee.

              In 2008 Awarded Ningbo Import and Export Integrity Corporation; CNIC ERP software put into use; Classified A level corporation by China Customs.

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